1. Why You Need a Vacation – Part 4

    When you live in America, it can be difficult to actually take a break! Our culture is very driven, and we don't slow down for much - not even our own health and sanity. If you are stuck in a stressed rut or it's been more than a year since you last got away, it's time to take some time for yourself…Read More

  2. Why You Need a Vacation – Part 3

    In our last two blogs, we shared four ways that a vacation can help your mental and physical health. If you don't feel like you can take a vacation, we encourage you to stop and reconsider. Even if you don't have lots of funds, it is still possible to have a refreshing getaway. Speaking of getaways …Read More

  3. Why You Need a Vacation – Part 2

    How long has it been since your last vacation? If it has been more than a year, you are overdue. Now, we understand that in the chaos of life, vacations can be hard to fit in - and to afford. Sometimes, vacations feel decades away. That's why we are here. At Dreamers Travel, we have the connections …Read More

  4. Why You Need a Vacation – Part 1

    American culture doesn't have downtime built in. And though downtime isn't explicitly decried, it isn't culturally endorsed, either. As a result, many people end up working far harder and far longer than is healthy. This work ethic hurts more than it helps, because it undermines the physical and men…Read More