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Summer has officially passed. While we still have some time before the bone-chilling days of winter roll in, the temperatures here in Maryland are quickly dropping. If you are having a difficult time coping with this change, we have the perfect solution — schedule a summer getaway this winter! Specifically, book an all-inclusive cruise from Baltimore to a sunny, warm destination!

Don’t have time to read? Want to hurry up and book your cruise? We can make that happen. Dreamers Travel is Maryland’s go-to travel agency. Learn more about us and contact us to get started. Read on to learn about some of the reasons to book a winter cruise.

Winter Cruises Are Cheaper

Dollar for dollar, setting off on a winter cruiseliner is much cheaper than any other time during the year. As a general rule of thumb, cruise prices tend to be lower when school is in session. In an effort to fill their ships, cruise lines will often offer discounted rates during the winter. In fact, it’s not uncommon, after New Year’s Day, to find all-inclusive trips that are about a third of the price of a peak-summer cruise.  

Winter Cruises Are Less Crowded

Most people go on cruises in the summer. If you are looking for a mellow time to cruise, the winter is the time for you. Not only does this mean you likely won’t have to dodge rowdy kids or college students when relaxing by the pool, but this also means you’ll have to battle fewer tourists at all the ports. If you are the type who enjoys exploring cities and spending every second of your allotted time taking in a port city, this will give you more time to do this. With fewer tourists, you’ll have more space and time to take in your destination.

Winter Cruises Offer Great Weather

Winter cruises are warm without being too hot. Before we talk about how cool and comfortable the temperatures can be in the Bahamas and Carribean during the winter, we must first remind you that, compared to Maryland, these destinations will be a pleasant contrast. While the exact temperatures will vary depending on your destination, winter cruises to places like Caribbean islands offer warm temperatures with cool breezes, making it the ideal season for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.

Winter Cruises Are Free Of Hurricanes

One big worry for anyone who books a cruise during the summer or fall is the threat of a potential hurricane. This is especially true for trips to the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Mexico. If you set sail in the winter, this is something you won’t have to worry about. Winter is well outside of the typical hurricane season, meaning you can rest assured that unforeseen weather conditions won’t ruin your vacation plans. You can simply relax and enjoy your headache-free vacation. Additionally, December to April are some of the driest months in the Carribean, allowing you to enjoy more sunny skies while on vacay.  

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