All-inclusive vacation trip advisors in Maryland

If you are researching a vacation for yourself, you and your future spouse, or your family, you may soon realize the workload that you’ve taken on yourself is overwhelming. Planning a trip can take you down any number of internet rabbit holes and leave you more confused and further from a decision than when you started. The time you can pour into your online research can chew into your precious free time, leaving you more stressed and more in need of a vacation. Who has that kind of time? Certainly not people who work full time or people who are busy with kids, running a busy household and fulfilling their obligations outside of the home. These are some of the reasons people are returning once again to travel agencies. We are Dreamers Travel and offer all-inclusive trips throughout the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and Hawaii.

A Travel Agent Makes Travel Easy

When the internet first began to realize its potential as a search engine that consumers could use to book hotels, flights, and cruises it was a great tool, but as time has progressed it has become more confusing.   Now, the online possibilities are nearly endless, and it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to reputable hotels, resorts, and tour operators. This is where Dreamers Travels can swoop in and save the day! We are located in Hampstead, in scenic Carroll County and serve the entire Baltimore area. We work with the best companies, the most reputable guides, and the highest rated hotels.

Don’t just go somewhere, do something!

One great reason to use a travel agent instead of piecing together a vacation on your own is that we can plan the theme of your getaway. When you plan a holiday around an activity, it gives you and your partner or family an experience to share and great memories to cherish for years to come. Dreamers Travel can help you book vacations with themes such as “Swim with Dolphins,” “Extreme Zip Lines,” “Snorkel in the Tropics,” or “Grand Canyon Helicopters,” of course, cruises and Disney vacations are a great way to have activities be an essential part of your experience.


We believe that a vacation is about the experience you have while you are away from your daily life. Going on a trip shouldn’t just take you away from your house and the dog, it should take you away from the daily grind, and even from your mind set of what is possible. Nothing will change your mindset faster than zipping down an extreme zip line in the morning and snorkeling with sea lions in the afternoon in the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Here are a just a few of the experiences we can set you up with:

  • Swim with dolphins in Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Whale watching in Santa Lucia
  • Deep sea sport fishing in Negril
  • Night time zip lines in Antigua
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Tulum outside of Cancun
  • A hike up the side of a volcano, through a rainforest in Costa Rica

While it is important to take some time on your vacation to lounge on the beach, or on a breezy porch, planning your vacation around an activity can magnify the experience. We specialize in vacations to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. We can arrange family vacations, romantic getaways, and honeymoons. Call us today to get started!

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