Tips on how to plan an amazing destination wedding

dreamstime_12466951Some people start dreaming of their weddings when they’re children. Others don’t consider it until they get engaged and realize they get to celebrate the start of a wonderful life with their partners. Unfortunately, many people dismiss destination weddings immediately, assuming they are too inconvenient and expensive. They don’t even try the option on for size. As a result, they miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Does this describe you?

Planning a wedding can be a challenge, and if you’re struggling to settle on a traditional location that pleases the family, you can solve the issue by simply moving the wedding far away. A destination wedding is defined as being at least 100 miles from the bride’s current home, and it can be a magical solution to many wedding issues. In our last blog, we discussed how destination weddings release you to spend quality time with loved ones as well as remove the burden of planning from your shoulders. Today, we have two last reasons why a destination wedding is an incredible choice.

The flexible timing is kinder to your wallet

  • Destination weddings require everyone to arrive early, which means that if everyone is there already, you don’t have to deal with work and travel issues. You can have your wedding any day you want – why not a Tuesday? A Thursday? A Saturday?
  • You can consult with us on seasons where resorts drop their prices, like early spring. We can help you get your reservation just when prices get incredibly affordable. Your wallet will thank you!

You’ll be truly unique

  • We all want our weddings to be unique – weddings are incredibly special, after all! Over two million American couples get married every year, and not even 25 percent of them have destination weddings. By escaping to paradise, you won’t have to jockey with all your friends for a time slot in hometown locations.

Destination weddings are truly the most care-free option for any couple. Visit our Maryland travel agency and let our skilled agents show you just how great your special day can be!

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