When you choose to spend your hard-earned money on a vacation, a good travel agent can help you get the most out of every dollar. On the other hand, a bad agent can waste your money and give you a terrible vacation experience. It’s important to find a travel agent you can trust – who will plan your vacation like it’s his or her own. At Dreamers Travel, we aspire to be the very best travel planners in Maryland, and we know what it takes. We also know the warning signs of agents you shouldn’t trust.

Read on for some signs that it’s time to drop your agent and head over to Dreamers Travel!

Acts odd when you mention commissions

Generally, travel agents are paid by booking fees or commissions from travel companies. Dependable advisors will feel comfortable discussing how they earn their money, and if they act skittish, something is up. The agent may be trying to sell you a vacation that isn’t in your best interests but would bring in the biggest commission. Politely tell them that you need a different agent.

Adds a booking fee unexpectedly

Just like great agents will be clear about all their sources of income, a greats agents also clarify all surcharges, fees, and extras. They provide everything in writing. A dishonest agent will sell you a vacation and add on a booking fee at the last minute.

Dreamers Travel offers our clients all-inclusive vacations and more. Contact our office for travel agents who will put you first every time.

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