Do you need a new travel agent?

Summer is on its way, and it’s a great time to get away from the daily grind to recharge. Unfortunately, many people are going to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous travel agents trying to make big commissions. At Dreamers Travel, we consider it a privilege to learn your vacation aspirations and make them happen. We also want to empower you to make the best choices.

In our last blog, we went over two signs that your agent may take advantage of you, including inaccessibility and the lack of knowledge about destinations. Today, we have two more signs that you need a new travel agent!

Unwilling to listen

Good travel agents always listen first and talk second. They make sure that they understand exactly what you want, and then they make recommendations tailored to your needs. If your agent consistently fails to ask questions and just tells you what you need, it’s time to look for someone new.

Wants to be paid in cash

Credit cards are advisable when it comes to travel. That way, you have some protection from unexpected problems. Good travel agencies always accept credit cards. If your agency only accepts cash, you absolutely must find another one.

Dreamers Travel is a team of agents dedicated to providing dependable, trustworthy services. We know that your money is hard-earned, and we want to make this summer the best one yet. Whether you need a destination wedding or a family reunion getaway, you can contact us today to get in touch with an agent who will treat your vacation like it’s his/her own!

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