See how a new travel agent can help you

Vacation season is upon us! Making sure you have a great travel agent is the first step to getting the most experience for your money, and at Dreamers Travel, we are dedicated to providing world-class travel services. Unfortunately, not every travel agency is like us. There are many travel agents who will take advantage of their clients. The good news is, there are obvious signs that an agent doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

In our last blog, we shared two signs, including a travel agent who won’t listen and demands payment in cash. Today, we are finishing up with two last signs that it’s time to part ways with your agent.

Has no certifications

Being a travel agent isn’t like being a lawyer – there are no major accrediting agencies for them. However, there are still measures an agent can take to become official. Agents can earn an International Airlines Travel Agent Netweork card. They can also be members of the American Society of Travel Agents or the Travel Institute.

Isn’t well-rated by the Better Business Bureau

Firstly, make sure your agency is listed on the BBB cite. If it’s there, it will have a letter rating based on complaints and how they are handled. It also factors in any government action or licensing.

Dreamers Travel is dedicated to being the travel agency you can trust. We consider it a privilege to help you plan everything from destination weddings to all-inclusive vacations. Contact us for an appointment with a travel agent today!