Get an all-inclusive vacation from our Maryland travel agents

Summer 2017 is officially in the books, and we at Dreamers Travel hope it was a good one. We hope you accomplished all your summer goals and that you satisfied your wanderlust and quest for adventure. If you didn’t, there still time to squeeze in a summer vacation. Even though here in Hampstead, Maryland, the heat and long days are slowly being replaced with cooler weather and earlier sunsets, summer-like conditions are still well and alive in other parts of the world.

At Dreamers Travel, we specialize in tailoring dream vacations, and we would be honored to help facilitate a vacation for you. When you work with an experienced travel agent, you have the opportunity to ensure a perfect, stress-free vacation.

Read on to learn about three ways you can extend your summer with a trip.

Take a Cruise

If you have never been on a cruise, then you are in for a treat. Warm tropical weather, blue skies, otherworldly service, top-notch entertainment, and a vast blue ocean—what’s not to love? Cruises are perfect for both couples and families, and they offer as much entertainment as a small island city. Not only will a tropical cruise give you the opportunity to take that summer vacation you missed out on, but it will also present a chance to take an all-inclusive vacation. We work with all of the leading cruise liners—Carnival, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Princess Cruises & Royal Caribbean—and many of our cruise deals conveniently depart from Baltimore.

Ready to extend your summer with a cruise? Contact Dreamers Travel, and our expert travel agents will set you up with a dream vacation package.

Embark on an Excursion

While some people’s idea of a perfect summer vacation may include spending a majority of the time lounging on a beach free of any stressors or decision, others may want more adventure. If you find yourself aligning more with the latter, we have just the solution for you. Build the perfect vacation package around thrilling excursions and tours. Dreamers Travel, for example, can set you up with a snorkeling trip in the tropics or a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins. View the extent of our excursion and tours here.

Visit a Resort

Does the hassle of planning a trip stress you out? If so, all-inclusive vacation packages are the perfect solution. When you have a trusted travel agency tailor your resort package, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that from arrival to departure everything is taken care of. This includes food, beverages, accommodation, transfers, and even gratuities. At our Maryland travel agency, we offer a number of all-inclusive resort packages for locations all over the world, so that we can customize a trip to your exact liking—and, yes, facilitate that summer vacation you missed out on!  Request your free consultation and your price quote now!

If you’re lamenting the fact that you didn’t get to take that dream summer vacation, know that there is still time—and we would love to help make this happen. At Dreamers Travel, we believe vacation should be a joyous and soul-enriching time, and we take pride in helping our clients experience this joy.