Travel green with tips from Maryland's top travel agency

When you hear “green travel” what comes to mind? Trekking through Amazonian jungles? Sleeping in a tent in Peru? While these adventures may involve a lot of natural green and could all be done in a “green” way, this is not the primary definition. Rather, green travel is a catchphrase that has come to represent all sustainable and responsible travel — travel that recognizes the importance of conserving wildlife and resources, respecting local cultures, and making your travel a positive force.

As Hampstead’s go-to travel agency, we would like to share with you some simple tips and ways you can make your travels greener. If you need help planning your next adventure or relaxing getaway, contact us! From all-inclusive cruises to destination wedding packages to romantic Caribbean getaways, our Hampstead travel agents can handle it all!

Bike & Walk

If you can’t walk, then bike. This is often a good rule to abide by when traveling and sightseeing. Not only will this lessen your carbon footprint, but it’s also healthier and cheaper. Similarly, if you are not able to bike, consider taking a subway or bus.

Opt For Trains Over Planes

Transportation has a pretty significant carbon footprint. Air travel is particularly harmful. While it’s not always a viable option, choosing trains over planes is the greener way to travel. Some studies, for example, show that one round-trip flight between New York and California generates about 20 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year. If you do have to fly, look into non-stop flights. Also, pack light! In addition to requiring slightly less fuel, packing light also makes getting around easier.

Buy Local

Green travel isn’t just about making more environmentally friendly choices. It’s also about supporting local communities and economies. When you travel, make an effort to buy local products over products that have been flown or shipped in from overseas.

Practice Ecotourism

Another important part of green travel is not disturbing wildlife and protected natural areas. If you go snorkeling, for example, do not touch the coral or break off a piece as a souvenir. Similarly, anytime you are out in nature, stay on trails and dispose of your waste appropriately. If you are going on tours, be sure to choose tours that strive not to harm natural resources and wildlife. 

Conserve & Recycle

Just as you would do in your home, recycle your trash and conserve resources. This could be as simple as using reusable materials like bottles and bags. Although this might seem small, it is nonetheless a positive contribution. In fact, the Pacific Institute estimates that “the amount of oil used in the production of plastic water bottles was enough energy to fuel more than a million cars and light trucks for a year.”

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to green travel. While these steps may seem small and insignificant, when enough people collectively become more conscious of these little things, real results will follow.

Want To Plan A Green Trip?

We can help! And this doesn’t mean that your trip will involve sleeping in a tent and cooking on a solar-powered stove (unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking for). As passionate and experienced travel agents, we can help tailor a trip specific to your needs. We have experience planning trips all over the world and would love to plan your next adventure. From resort packages to tropical excursions, we have the knowledge, connections, and services to make your dream trip a reality.

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