It’s amazing how many people don’t take vacations, because they assume it will be too expensive. At Dreamers Travel, we can show you that going to the destination of your dreams is not only possible, it can be quite affordable!

In our last blog, we explored three underrated vacation spots in the world. We have three more places for you to consider today!

Newfoundland, Canada

This beautiful Canadian island offers all the benefits of nature and culture. On the nature side, you will love the untouched wilderness, phenomenal fishing, and the vibrant wildlife. Enjoy everything from whales to moose. As for culture, you can drink in small villages, rich historical sites, and George street, which has the most bars and pubs per capita compared to any other street in North America.

Kotor, Montenegro

This neighbor to Croatia ends up being ignored by a majority of tourists, which makes it the perfect getaway. Its dramatic, steep shape creates a lovely, terraced town that slopes right down to the warm Adriatic Sea. Its clear waters and extensive historical sites make it a phenomenal destination for anyone needing to get away and drink in what is good in life.

Gdansk, Poland

This is a magnificent destination for history nerds. It is one of Poland’s oldest cities and features unmatched museums and huge beaches. It is also known for its amber. Most significantly, it is the place where World War II began and is one of the most important Baltic seaports. Take the time to enjoy the food, culture, and history.

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