How long has it been since your last vacation? If it has been more than a year, you are overdue. Now, we understand that in the chaos of life, vacations can be hard to fit in – and to afford. Sometimes, vacations feel decades away. That’s why we are here. At Dreamers Travel, we have the connections to get you special deals on all-inclusive vacations in beautiful spots you never thought you’d see.

If a vacation seems possible but you are hesitating, it’s time you understand that your health is on the line. In our last blog, we shared two ways that vacations can impact your health for the better, including avoiding sickness and improving confidence. Today, we have two more good reasons to take a vacation.

  1. Save your company money 
    • Overworked employees tend to burn out – a long, slow process of lessening productivity that ends in extensive absences from work to deal with the physical and mental issues their job has given them. That means that when you don’t take a vacation, you are hurting your company. Companies need productive, healthy employees, and you need to do what it takes to keep yourself that way.
  2. Get smarter
    • Small breaks will get you some distance, but they cannot sustain you. When your brain doesn’t get long periods to reboot and refresh itself, you loose brain power. Again this has a very negative impact on your performance at work and in personal life.

At Dreamers Travel, we are dedicated to providing affordable, all-inclusive vacations that are world-class. Contact us in Hampstead today to learn more!

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