We will never forget

jensean jensean2

Our trip to the Excellence was one we will never forget. We made many friends, both workers at the resort and other vacationers. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help make our trip amazing!

Many praises have been made where your business is concerned to our friends and family and both Jen and I will have decided if we need a travel agent again we will definitely come to you! We were able to go zip lining and ride ATVs through the jungle as well as swim with dolphins. We were not able to go diving due to how windy it was. The resort was extremely clean and everyone was very friendly. Jen even made friends with one of the iguanas that she nicely names Hercules. He would come visit her every day during lunch and has a new found love of jalapenos : ) I think this trip ranks as one of our best…for a few reasons! Thank you again for all of your help.

Jen & Sean, Excellence Punta Cana October 2012