Caitlin and Pete Milhimes

Hi Mark!

We are back from Emerald Bay & had an absolutely wonderful time! Our butlers were great, food was excellent, service was fabulous…weather was sunny but windy so the waves were rough & thus snorkeling was cancelled every day 🙁 We had a red flag/no activities almost every day. It bummed us out, but we were thankful for our Ocean Safari excursion on Wed which was a blast! We met another couple, rented a car, and drove south to visit Tropic of Cancer beach, had lunch at Santanas, and took a water taxi to Stocking Island/Chat n Chill where we swam with the stingrays. We truly made the best of each day.

We arranged for a candlelit dinner on the beach & it was fabulous. The only thing, is the souvenir menu with the date had our name spelled incorrectly. It was spelled Mr. & Mrs.Milhines. We asked our server if she could correct it & give us another, but it never happened. We also asked about it on our last day at check out, and it never got to us. What should we do?

We would love to sit down with you at some point and discuss ways to do Sandals on a lower budget. We definitely enjoyed the butler but could easily book another trip in a smaller room without a butler. We would also love a shorter travel day. Our check-out yesterday was by 9am, our shuttle was at 10, waited around till 130 to board the plane, and didnt get home till 1030pm…long long day.

Wonderful honeymoon! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to do it again.

Caitlin & Pete Milhimes


Caitlin and Pete Milhimes