It took our travel anxiety down and our relaxation level up!

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We had a wonderful time on our honeymoon!!! From start to finish, we packed in a ga-zillion awesome memories! Puerto Rico and Miami were a bit more cloudy then we would have liked, but the blue skies in Riviera Maya more than made up for it! All of our hotels were tops- and Secrets was simply amazing! From the Old San Juan Forts to the speed boats in Cancun, we had a blast and we still made plenty of time to simply relax on the beaches.

We came home with over 1000 photos but we wanted to share with you the ones that we had professionally done at Secrets. If you remember, they offer the free photo service and are under no obligation to buy. But we walked away with some of the best shots ever and some of these photos will be hanging on our walls for a very very very long time!! The travel book you provided was extremely convenient and it was comforting to know that everything was outlined for us. It took our travel anxiety down and our relaxation level up! We had no issues what-so-ever with the airlines, transportation, and hotels. The hardest part was lugging around six bags of luggage but even then, more often that not, had help. We plan on revisiting Puerto Rico and Secrets again for sure. One day we would like to explore the island more with Monica’s parents to see more of the culture and are thinking of like a 5 year anniversary trip to Secrets. Hope all is well and hope you enjoy the pics!!!! Take Care and Thanks for Everything!

Brett and Monica