Our wedding was beautiful

Hi Mark, Our wedding was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for anything better–except for the crazy 30mph winds that randomly showed up. But everything was out of a dream for us. As for our honeymoon, we can’t thank you enough for recommending such a wonderful, fun, and beautiful place. We took advantage of going to the other two resorts, but we agreed that although both were beautiful, Sandals Halcyon was the best choice for us to stay at.

The services was extraordinary and the people there were extremely friendly. Agnus and Jimmy were our favorite bartenders and we met some many newly married couples as well. In fact, we are staying in touch with some of them now! We couldn’t remember the tour you recommended for us, but we decided to go on one called “Joe Knows”– it allowed us to go snorkeling, showed us places owned/previously owned by the rich and famous, took us to the waterfall and the mud baths, and gave us tons of rum and authentic island food. It was such a great time and a highlight to our trip. Although the weather for the first couple of days was a little dreary with rain, everyone on the island kept telling us it was “liquid sunshine” and kept partying anyways. Overall, everything was amazing and we could go on for hours about everything we did and saw and everyone we met. It was a fantastic time to relax, eat and drink for days, and enjoy being completely stress free. The only thing I would have changed would have been to stay longer. It seemed as though the week flew by quickly and we didn’t have enough time to get everything done! Thank you again for such a great recommendation and for all your help! We are even talking about our next trip and would love to go to another Sandals resort…. any suggestions?

Thanks again!

Elizabeth and Kevin, Sandals Halcyon May 2013