We are so grateful to you

Thank you for helping us, and all our guests to our destination wedding at the Sanctuary Cap Cana. The photos of the resort lived up to expectations. The wedding was moved the day of, from the beach, to the Blue Marlin due to possible weather, and the weather never came. We lucked out with the breeziest night of the entire stay for a glorious wedding night!

After some cajoling, CJ talked the management into an upgrade, photos are attached of our villa and view for 8 days of our trip. The air conditioning was intermittent at best, and not every restaurant that was open each night had it, but it we knew they were making us as comfortable as possible. The rooms had no issues keeping cool, especially our villa! By Thursday night we ordered room service because our AC was better than any restaurant!

The food was good overall in every restaurant. Some dishes were better than others, and we heard that management did change some of the menus in the transition. Casa Bella had a great breakfast every day with the option to go buffet or order off the menu. My favorite was the “Mexican Wink,” and CJ preferred omelets and the Spanish Tortilla on the buffet. The Steakhouse was probably the best restaurant for dinner, although the Italian one ran a close second. The drinks were fruity and flowing, and the pool bartenders were hospitable and really made the social scene poolside thrive.

The best part of this whole experience was the gift of time our guests committed to our wedding. We enjoyed almost 5 days with them and really got to make memories that will last a lifetime, and have started our marriage off with a laugh. The Sanctuary offered us all a place to relax, forget our stresses from home, and focus on friends and family that matter. Dreamers Travel helped get us all there, and we are so grateful to you for the patience and planning that went into this. Many of our guests had not tried an all-inclusive before, and many have families that could enjoy that kind of vacation, so I hope they look to you for future vacations. I know CJ and I will! Thank you again for helping to make our wedding a day and trip of a lifetime.

All our thanks

Rachel & CJ Donovan, October, 2011 Sanctuary Cap Cana