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Our expert agents can help you plan adventurous and fun tours and excursions for your vacation, without wasting valuable time choosing at your destination

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We help you choose the best tour and excursion options that fit you

Some people prefer to lie on the beach to relax, and others like snuggling into a cozy chalet. However, sometimes, having an adventure can be the best way to relax. If this is you, the combination of new environments and structured schedules return you to normal life feeling rejuvenated.

At Dreamers Travel, we have a wide variety of tours and excursions. When you go on an excursion, you get the perfect balance of free time and structure. This way, you experience a vacation free of boredom. It also gives you a chance to try something new under an experienced guide. From zip lines to snorkeling to swimming with dolphins, there are dozens of fun activities you may have never tried. When you purchase one of our all-inclusive vacation packages, you will have the help of professionals in all the new things you try – and the help is included in the package!

Dreamers Travel is connected with great companies that have life-changing experiences in tropical locations. These companies have the infrastructure and customer service to make your experience phenomenal. They are also perfectly positioned to take you through the best features of your vacation location. Instead of wandering into a new location without an idea of the best activities, let our guides take you from one great experience to the next!

  • Swim with dolphins, turtles, pigs, sharks and more
  • Ride ATV's through the jungle
  • Extreme ziplining with breath-taking views
  • Deep sea fishing and boat rides
  • And So. Much. More.

Adventurous Outback Tours

Whether it’s an ATV ride, jeep safari through the jungle or ziplining, we’ll help you book an adventurous excursion to make your trip memorable and exciting.


  • Swim with dolphins, sharks and sea animals
  • Snorkling
  • Diving
  • Boat tours
  • And more!

River boating and sea excursions

We’ll help you choose between a variety of water tours and excursions such as river boating, rafting, fishing, parasailing, reef exploring and much more.


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